Other consumers

Using IEMSY, it is possible to monitor the use of energy and water, the efficiency of equipment and processes, waste management, and to have billing control and to analyze which consumer profiles are best suited.

The IEMSY can receive information from electronic billing, telemetering systems, and characterization of the use.

Using IEMSY the energy manager can:

  • Compare energy supply options and prices by simulating tariff profiles
  • Check energy and water billing
  • Verify the fulfillment of the carbon intensity of the energy
  • Monitoring compliance with the waste management requirements
  • Issue internal invoices by production or cost centers
  • Evaluate the profitability of investments in energy efficiency and modernization of the system
  • Simulate the viability installation of energy generation devices for self consumption
  • Simulate remote control management options
  • Adjust the energy consumption to tariff profiles and optimize efficiency
  • Define and evaluate performance indicators and environmental sustainability
  • Generate performance reports.

The IEMSY supports the registration of equipment and infrastructure.