Public buildings

Using IEMSY, building users and managers can monitor energy demand, have energy billing control and analyze which consumer profiles are best suited, the best options for supply contracting, as well as efficiency improvement.

The IEMSY can receive information from electronic billing, telemetering systems, and characterization of the use.

Using IEMSY, the energy manager or the building manager can:

  • compare rates of different energy supply traders working in the open market
  • check energy billing
  • verify the fulfillment of the origin requirements (feed-in tariff) or the carbon intensity of energy
  • issue internal invoices by cost center
  • simulate the viability installation of energy generation devices for self consumption
  • assess the profitability of investments in energy efficiency
  • adjust the energy consumption to tariff profiles
  • deliver information to users of the building
  • define and evaluate performance indicators
  • generate performance reports.

Through IEMSY, the equipment consumption can be detailed, such as:

  • cold production
  • hot water production equipment
  • home and office
  • dehumidification
  • climatization
  • pools
  • among others.