Street lighting

Through IEMSY managers can monitor the service lighting efficiency, control the energy billing, analyze profiles best suited for the public lighting network and the best options for supply contracting, as well as efficiency improvement.

Using IEMSY the energy manager or manager of public lighting network can:

  • compare rates of different energy supply traders working in the open market, simulate prices and tariff profiles;
  • establish and manage service profiles by lamp or circuit;
  • automatically check energy billing;
  • verify the fulfillment of the origin requirements (feed-in tariff) or the carbon intensity of the energy;
  • issue internal invoices by service areas, territorial units or cost centers;
  • assess the profitability of investments in energy efficiency and grid modernization;
  • simulate remote management options for circuit of street lights and/or individual lights;
  • adapt the service profiles to optimize efficiency and tariff profiles;
  • control illuminance set-points;
  • give information to the public and business users of public space;
  • define and evaluate performance indicators for circuit of street lights and/or individual lights, namely for the service hiring or public lighting network management;
  • generate performance reports.


The IEMSY supports the registration of street lighting points, illuminance set-point measuring and the maintenance operations orders.